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GALNERYUS 初の配信ライブ、"We'll See The Light Of Hope" 決定!!

  • 新たなライブ作品 "FALLING INTO THE FLAMES OF PURGATORY" の発売を記念して、10月25日(日)ライブ配信決定!
  • GALNERYUS 初の配信ライブにして新ドラマー LEA を迎え入れた初ステージでもある注目のライブを世界に向けて発信。 再び始動する GALNERYUS の新たな勇姿、見逃すな!


■ GALNERYUS Stream Live "We'll See The Light Of Hope"

open 17:50 / start 18:00

一般チケット発売日: 2020/9/25(金) 12:00

チケット料金: 閲覧チケット ¥2,500

主催・企画・制作: HISATAKE-TEKKOU INC. / シブヤテレビジョン
後援: Warner Music Japan




GALNERYUS' first stream live, "We'll See The Light Of Hope" will be held!

  • As a commemorative event of releasing the video work, "FALLING INTO THE FLAMES OF PURGATORY", GALNERYUS will stream their live concert on October 25!
  • It will be the first streaming live for GALNERYUS, and also be their first live concert after LEA, a new drummer, joined the band. Don't miss an outstanding performance of the new GALNERYUS!


■ GALNERYUS Stream Live "We'll See The Light Of Hope"

2020/10/25 (Sun)
open 5:50pm JST / start 6:00pm JST
Ticket Info: 

Ticket On Sale: 2020/9/25 (Fri) 12:00pm JST

Price: ¥2,500

Presented by HISATAKE-TEKKOU INC. / Shibuya Television
Sponsored by Warner Music Japan
Supported by ETB RIGHTS

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